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Candid Conversations with Jeremy Inman

Introduction In 2022, the BN’K on Tour team spoke with Jeremy Inman, a seasoned voice actor and director known for his work in anime voice dubbing and voice directing. From sharing insights about his experiences in the industry to discussing personal passions, Jeremy provides a candid look into his life and career. The following interview is a highlight of my full video interview available here: Candid Con-versations with Jeremy Inman at AFO 2022 Getting Started in the Industry Q: How did you get into voice acting? A: I was working as a full-time fireman paramedic. I had done acting before, but my initial exposure to voice acting began when a friend mentioned that Chris Abbott needed people for Dragon Ball Z. I auditioned, and a month later, I became Android 16. That marked the start of my journey into voice acting. Q: Was directing a natural progression from voice acting? A: Absolutely. I started directing back in 2004 for FUNimation, working on projects like “Baki the Grappler” and “
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Candid Conversations with Christina Kelly

Introduction: In 2022, the BN’K on Tour team spoke with Christina Kelly, a talented voice actor known for her roles in various anime series such as Alice Nakiri in Food Wars, Kozue Matsumoto in Baki, and Mary Saotome in Kakegurui. From discussing the impact of COVID-19 on her work to exploring her passion projects and the challenges of the industry, A shares valuable insights and personal experiences. The following interview is a highlight of my full video interview available here: Candid Con-versations with Christina Kelly at AFO 2022 Getting Through COVID-19 Challenges: Q: How did the height of COVID-19 affect your work life? A: Initially, there was uncertainty, but being in Texas with major studios, the work persisted. Remote recording became common, and interestingly, 2021 turned out to be a great year for voiceover. Anime gained a lot of traction due to the pandemic, which kept work going even though things were shut down. Navigating Social Media: Q: With the rise of social media

Central Florida Comic Con 2024 Review

  Central Florida Comic Con (CFCC) is a wonderful event that despite its size, boasts a lively vendor hall, engaging artist alley, captivating guest panels, a stellar cast of guests, and a great cosplay contest. While it may not be as large as some other comic cons you’re used to, this convention manages to deliver a diverse and immersive experience for fans of all things comics and geeky. Attendance experience Accessibility Central Florida Comic Con (CFCC) was great at fostering inclusivity for individuals with disabilities, creating an environment that accommodates the diverse needs of all attendees. Notably, the walk areas within the bustling Artist Alley and vendor hall were thoughtfully designed to be spacious, ensuring that even during peak times when crowds gathered, there was ample room for attendees using walking aids or wheelchairs to navigate comfortably. CFCC's event space featured door assists and accessible doorways, making a smooth entry and exit for those with mobil

Holiday Matsuri 2023 Review

Enter Holiday Matsuri, Central Florida otaku’s beloved holiday tradition where anime fandom meets Christmas aesthetics. The 2023 showcase, held at the World Marriot Center, bid a bittersweet farewell to the venue, yet the air was thick with the warmth of family, excitement, and joy. The convention seamlessly merged holiday cheer with the vibrant energy of anime culture, offering a unique and memorable experience that only Holiday Matsuri can do. Despite the various obstacles Holiday Matsuri as a convention and their staff had to face such as mid-week dates, those dates' proximity to Christmas, and some safety concerns, the BN’K team and I (Blaque N’ Kulture) genuinely believe that HolMat (Holiday Matsuri) managed to pull off a pretty stellar showcase. Attendee Experience Accessibility Let’s begin by discussing HolMat’s attendee experience. Regarding accessibility, this event showcased commendable efforts in prioritizing accessibility, setting an example for other conventions to fol