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Central Florida Comic Con 2024 Review

 Central Florida Comic Con (CFCC) is a wonderful event that despite its size, boasts a lively vendor hall, engaging artist alley, captivating guest panels, a stellar cast of guests, and a great cosplay contest. While it may not be as large as some other comic cons you’re used to, this convention manages to deliver a diverse and immersive experience for fans of all things comics and geeky.

Attendance experience


Central Florida Comic Con (CFCC) was great at fostering inclusivity for individuals with disabilities, creating an environment that accommodates the diverse needs of all attendees. Notably, the walk areas within the bustling Artist Alley and vendor hall were thoughtfully designed to be spacious, ensuring that even during peak times when crowds gathered, there was ample room for attendees using walking aids or wheelchairs to navigate comfortably.

CFCC's event space featured door assists and accessible doorways, making a smooth entry and exit for those with mobility challenges. The venue's consideration of accessibility needs makes the RP Funding Center a stellar choice, emphasizing CFCC's commitment to creating an enjoyable and accommodating environment for every participant.

Inclusivity and Diversity

CFCC curated a diverse and impressive lineup of guests, covering a broad spectrum of backgrounds and expertise by featuring industry professionals from various realms, including comic book creators, voice actors, cosplayers, and beyond. This mix of guests created a rich pool of talent and insight, catering to the diverse interests within the fandom.

The inclusion of cosplayers added another layer of creativity and representation. This deliberate effort to bring together professionals from different niches showcased CFCC's commitment to providing a well-rounded and inclusive experience for attendees.

CFCC Staff experience

The dedicated staff at Central Florida Comic Con were kind and knowledgeable, contributing significantly to the overall positive experience of attendees. Managing a lively and enthusiastic crowd isn’t easy, but the CFCC staff handled it well, displaying their ability to manage the bustling energy of the event.

The staff's performance in handling long lines for guest interactions amid the excitement was phenomenal. They efficiently managed queues, ensuring that attendees had a streamlined and enjoyable experience while waiting to meet their favorite guests.

Beyond their crowd management skills, CFCC staff demonstrated an understanding of the convention schedule. It’s a small thing, but the team and I have been to plenty of events where this is not the case. Their knowledge of their event added a layer of professionalism to the event, enhancing the overall efficiency and ensuring that attendees could fully immerse themselves in CFCC without unnecessary obstacles.


Central Florida Comic Con found a fitting home at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland, Florida, a choice that significantly contributed to the success of the event. The RP FUnding Center is quite a bit larger than your run-of-the-mill small hotel ballroom but smaller than what most would consider a large convention center.  It provided ample space for attendees to move comfortably without feeling overwhelmed. The convention staff further optimized this by implementing thoughtful floor planning, ensuring that the event flowed seamlessly within the venue.

All major activities were centralized in one main hall and registration was efficiently handled in a separate hall making navigating the event a breeze. The well-designed maps were easy to read and offered clear guidance, preventing any confusion even during peak attendance when the main hall was bustling with activity.

Activities and Events

Despite its modest size, this event managed to deliver a range of engaging panels that catered to a wide range of interests. The program included a few Q&A sessions featuring talented voice actors, providing attendees with the unique opportunity to connect with the voices behind their favorite characters. These insightful interactions offered a behind-the-scenes look at the industry and the creative processes involved in bringing beloved characters to life.

Beyond the voice-acting, the event showcased industry panels that gave attendees the chance to gain insights from professionals who played integral roles in shaping and contributing to iconic IPs. Notable standouts among the panels included the lively and entertaining "L.A.V.A. Presents: Super Kawaii Happy Party Game Go Go Hyper Hangout Funtime," offering a playful and interactive experience. Additionally, "Let's Talk Toys with Dave Wheeler" was a fun intro to the world of collectibles and toy design.


CFCC had budget-friendly pricing that added significant value to the overall event experience. For those seeking weekend passes, they were priced at $45. Saturday tickets were set at $40,  and Sunday tickets, at $30. Early bird or advanced ticket purchases allowed patrons to snag their passes for as low as $10.

Convention Review


Scheduling at CFCC was balanced across events across the two days. I was particularly pleased with their decision to host the cosplay contest, along with its prejudging, on Saturday. This means there will be maximum attendance and enthusiasm from all attendees coming to watch the event! 

Beyond the cosplay festivities, CFCC's schedule was predominantly populated with engaging panels that were fun to attend. The team felt like we had a show for sure. We felt that attendees always had options to explore, providing a continuous flow of entertainment and education throughout the convention.


The collaboration between the venue and the convention organizers at Central Florida Comic Con curated a secure and inclusive environment for all participants, be they con-goers, vendors, or guests. One notable aspect was the provision of ample seating throughout the venue, allowing con-goers the opportunity to take a break, connect with friends, or simply enjoy a moment of peace amidst the excitement. Additionally, attendees had the space to explore and engage with vendors and artists without feeling cramped, enhancing the overall shopping and browsing experience. As previously mentioned, the accessibility measures extended to those using mobility aids, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their physical abilities, could navigate the event with ease. 

Event Management and Communication

CFCC managed the event effectively by employing a combination of social media platforms and a dedicated staff to efficiently communicate changes and updates to guests. The staff were effective in coordination and communication within the team and ensured a smooth flow of operations, addressing any challenges that arose promptly and professionally. Whether it was guiding attendees through the venue, assisting with inquiries, or managing unexpected changes, the staff's competence contributed significantly to the overall positive atmosphere of the convention.

Venue and Accommodations

Event Staff and Security

Despite the limited presence, the venue staff demonstrated a commendable dedication to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for attendees. Security personnel, too, contributed significantly to the overall safety and comfort of the event. Even in a compact venue, their vigilant efforts added an extra layer of reassurance, creating a secure environment for all attendees to immerse themselves in the festivities without concern.

Room accommodation

For attendees traveling to CFCC, the vicinity offered a couple of convenient hotel options, with the Hyatt Place Lake Center and the Springhill Suites by Marriott situated a brief 5-minute walk from the venue. Hotel prices started around $160 per night, however, given the variety of lodging preferences and budget considerations, I recommend prospective attendees to explore different options. Shopping around for alternative accommodations may suit individual preferences and budgets.


Parking at the venue was easy to find and most importantly, free. There was a ton of available space for attendees. There was available parking at the hotels, however, it was cheaper to park at the convention itself. 


While food options were available at the venue and conveniently located in the central area between the vendor hall, artist alley, and panel room, there were a few drawbacks worth noting. The limited number of food establishments led to a crowded dining area and lengthy lines, making the overall dining experience less than ideal for attendees looking for a quick and convenient meal within the venue.

On a positive note, the surrounding area of the venue presented a more diverse and affordable array of food options, providing an alternative for those willing to venture away from the RP Funding Center. However, these external choices required either a brief 3-minute drive or a slightly longer 20-minute walk. In our experience, my team and I opted to grab food from the nearby establishments before heading to the convention, which is what I would recommend for future attendees.

While the idea of introducing food trucks to alleviate the dining situation at the venue seems appealing, it's essential to acknowledge the potential challenges in organizing those kinds of arrangements, considering contractual obligations with the venue. However, I could see adding food trucks as a way to contribute to a more diverse dining experience during CFCC.

Con Ratings and Final Overview


This event offered a few highlights such as its range of panels, each delving into different aspects of the geek and pop culture realm. Another highlight was the cosplay contest. Watching participants bring iconic characters to life with creativity and passion is always a great time. The smooth and seamless registration, with minimal hiccups, set a positive tone for the entire event. A well-organized registration process is crucial in establishing a positive first impression, and in this case, it contributed to a stress-free and enjoyable start to the convention.

Places of Opportunity

While the event was overall spectacular, one area that could see improvement is the inclusion of more interactive activities to enhance attendee engagement. Although the presence of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPG) and gaming areas added a layer of interactivity, their disjointed placement from the main convention area made them easily overlooked by attendees who might not actively seek them out beyond ticket collection.

To elevate the interactive experience, incorporating a dedicated photo op station could be a fantastic addition. It could provide attendees with memorable keepsakes but also serve as a popular attraction within the convention. A convention-wide scavenger hunt could prove to be a delightful and immersive activity for guests as well. 

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Reflecting on Central Florida Comic Con (CFCC), my overall impression is that it stands as a commendable and well-rounded event. It’s a gem in the realm of comic cons, offering an exceptional experience for both seasoned attendees and those venturing into the convention scene for the first time. The intimate nature of CFCC sets it apart as it provides an opportunity for those seeking a more personal connection with the industry and its diverse array of talents to connect with those individuals.

For those new comic cons, CFCC presents an ideal entry point. Its inviting atmosphere, coupled with the unique opportunities for personal interactions, makes it a welcoming and accessible event. CFCC stands as a solid and remarkable event that successfully captures the essence of what a comic con should be. 

Final Rating and Should You Attend 

The final rating for Central Florida Comic Con (CFCC) is 7.5 out of 10. This event possesses considerable potential for growth and improvement over time. The foundations laid by CFCC are solid, and with increased attention and development, it has the potential to evolve into an even more spectacular showcase for attendees. Aspects such as panel diversity, guest interactions, and overall event coordination contribute to a positive rating, leaving room for refinement and expansion in the future.

For those contemplating attendance, go for it! CFCC offers a delightful experience suitable for the entire family. Attending CFCC is not just a suggestion; it's an enthusiastic recommendation for anyone seeking a cozy yet captivating comic convention experience in the heart of central Florida.


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