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Candid Conversations with Christina Kelly


In 2022, the BN’K on Tour team spoke with Christina Kelly, a talented voice actor known for her roles in various anime series such as Alice Nakiri in Food Wars, Kozue Matsumoto in Baki, and Mary Saotome in Kakegurui. From discussing the impact of COVID-19 on her work to exploring her passion projects and the challenges of the industry, A shares valuable insights and personal experiences.

The following interview is a highlight of my full video interview available here: Candid Con-versations with Christina Kelly at AFO 2022

Getting Through COVID-19 Challenges:

Q: How did the height of COVID-19 affect your work life?

A: Initially, there was uncertainty, but being in Texas with major studios, the work persisted. Remote recording became common, and interestingly, 2021 turned out to be a great year for voiceover. Anime gained a lot of traction due to the pandemic, which kept work going even though things were shut down.

Navigating Social Media:

Q: With the rise of social media during the pandemic, how has it impacted your work?

A: I joined TikTok and made my first TikTok I did was in November. It was really basic I didn't know how to use the app. Like everybody else on their first video, mine was bad, but later but found it effective for pushing my name around. Instagram reels also contributed to a significant boost in followers. However, adapting to the ever-changing social media landscape is kind of a challenge. I 

Voice Acting Repertoire:

Q: Your roles, from Mary in Kakegurui to Lady Attitude in No Game No Life, are diverse. How do you draw inspiration from Japanese voice actors?

A: Japanese voice actors have a unique approach. They do things so differently over there. They have paper scripts and they do everything together in the room, in a line and they stand and watch the screen. It's so much cooler than how we do things over here.

Passion Projects Outside Voice Acting:

Q: Beyond voice acting, what are your passion projects?

A: My background is in stage performance, having a Bachelor of Fine Arts. While I love theater, voice acting's casual nature and the characters I portray have made it a fulfilling journey. I'm also involved in commercial and film projects and enjoy activities like yoga, making TikTok videos, and traveling.

I know that sounds terrible saying that, but the way they do it in Japan, there’s just this authenticity that we don't necessarily have over here. We’re not that we're not giving authentic performances. I wish I could do it that way, and be good you know.

Insights into Christina's Life:

Q: What might fans not know about you?

A: Like everyone, I have insecurities and struggles. The industry can be deceiving, and staying relevant involves constant effort. I'm diving into self-care and fitness, and my love for animals, Aussie, Minnie, and my other fur babies. They're a big part of my life.

Words of Encouragement:

Q: Any advice for aspiring actors?

A: Focus on yourself and avoid comparing your journey to others. It's challenging but essential. Don't let Twitter comparisons discourage you. Hustle every day, believe in your goals, and make the effort. Success will follow if you persist.

Final Thoughts

Chatting with Christina Kelly was so amazing. Looking back on this interview, I appreciate the opportunity I had to connect with her and the kindness she extended to my team. To stay connected with Christina and witness her vibrant personality, follow her on TikTok (@Christina Marie Kelly), Twitter (@Christina Marie K), and Instagram (@Christina Kelly). Please watch the full interview available on YouTube!


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