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Candid Conversations with Jeremy Inman


In 2022, the BN’K on Tour team spoke with Jeremy Inman, a seasoned voice actor and director known for his work in anime voice dubbing and voice directing. From sharing insights about his experiences in the industry to discussing personal passions, Jeremy provides a candid look into his life and career.

The following interview is a highlight of my full video interview available here:

Candid Con-versations with Jeremy Inman at AFO 2022

Getting Started in the Industry

Q: How did you get into voice acting?

A: I was working as a full-time fireman paramedic. I had done acting before, but my initial exposure to voice acting began when a friend mentioned that Chris Abbott needed people for Dragon Ball Z. I auditioned, and a month later, I became Android 16. That marked the start of my journey into voice acting.

Q: Was directing a natural progression from voice acting?

A: Absolutely. I started directing back in 2004 for FUNimation, working on projects like “Baki the Grappler” and “Desert Punk.” I feel more naturally attuned to directing than voice acting, and it has been a significant part of my career.

Directing and Favorite Projects

Q: Have there been any projects you particularly enjoyed directing?

A: One of my favorite projects was "Ghost Pimps: Paranormal Investigative Mobile Protection Squad." It was a comedy series about a broke-down magician dealing with supernatural occurrences. Unfortunately, some footage was lost due to a studio fire, but I hope to revisit and complete it someday.

Other Passions

Q: Besides directing and voice acting, do you have any other passions?

A: I love sitting in my pool; it's hot out here [in Texas]. The beach is another favorite that I enjoy traveling to. My friends are super adventurous and into travel, but I prefer relaxing by the ocean.

Cat Lover Confession

Q: Are you a cat or dog person?

A: I'm definitely a cat person. I've unintentionally become associated with cats, receiving cat-themed gifts regularly. My own cat, Chester, is pretty grumpy but also really adorable.

Navigating the World of Anime

Q: How do you discover new anime, and do you have recommendations for underrated shows?

A: It's challenging with the abundance of anime out there. I've done panels about underrated shows, trying to shed light on hidden gems. Finding good anime involves stepping out of your comfort zone. It's a vast landscape, and sometimes, people stick to the mainstream.

Upcoming Projects and Shoutouts

Q: Any upcoming projects you can share, aside from the beloved "Ghost Pimps"?

A: I'm excited about the new Golden Kamuy Season. It's one of my favorite projects, and I think more people should give it a watch. Additionally, I'm working on various ongoing projects at Crunchyroll.

Final Thoughts

Chatting with Jeremy Inman was a blast and the whole team was truly enamored with his personality. Please support Jeremy on Instagram @jeremyinman and Twitter (Now known as X) @inmanjeremy.



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